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How to Track Your Bodybuilding Progress

Bodybuilding Photography

People who are seriously into bodybuilding should have photographs which track their progression along the path to achieving a gorgeously formed physique. And with a series of pictures that portrays your bodybuilding voyage, you just might become a motivational force for your fellows.

A good first step to take is to check out the pictures of star bodybuilding phenomena who've achieved the goals you now aspire to. When you're looking for pictures of awesome bodybuilding role models.

If you'll spend a while searching for pictures of bodybuilders, you may be surprised at what you'll discover. They can help give you standards to strive toward, examples of your ideal end result, and heroes you want to follow in the footsteps of. It's perfectly fine to be a copy cat if that just means trying to do what they did so that you have a good chance of eventually being as well built as they are.

A few important guidelines to keep in mind if taking bodybuilding pictures of yourself are:

1) Make sure the lighting is good.

2) Use locations that will provide a good background.

3) Go ahead and flex those muscles!

That may seem like a short list of pointers, but you'll be amazed at what a difference these few factors can make. You don't just want to show your muscles, you want to really showcase them. In the end, the shots should capture you from the angles and in the positions that are best (in terms of showing how toned and tight you are) for you personally, regardless of what may be ideal for anyone else.

Best of all would be to splurge a bit on hiring a photographer to help you create a portfolio that shows you off to the hilt. A pro knows tricks of the trade to really bring out the best in you.

Make certain to plan ahead so that on the day of the photo shoot, you'll have gotten enough sleep the night before. During the shoot, focus on displaying your muscular structure in all its glory. Flex your muscles to give them the best possible appearance.

Just as the pictures you've seen of others may have served to inspire you, someday you may end up motivating someone else, by encouraging them to stick with it through the hard times, with photos that seem to say, "If I did it, so can you!"

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