Bodybuilding While Sick

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Should You Workout When You're Sick

It might sound like a stupid question but the truth is that it depends only on two simple factors. The first is whether you have a fever or not and the second is to make sure that your signs and symptoms that you are getting about being ill are all above the neck.

If all these criteria are met then there is a very good chance that exercise could actually help you solve the problem. The first reason why this might happen is that exercise will solve any nasal congestion that you might have by opening your nasal passages.

That certainly does not mean that you can exercise when you even have a slight fever or you are feeling muscle pain in your body. It could also be general fatigue or a general widespread muscle ache that you might have. This is when you need to just take a break and drink lots of water plus any medication if you need it.

When you are training with weights you are always having a conversation with your body and when you are sick you need to let your body guide you. Taking a couple of days break because you are feeling sick will not upset your performance or your potential gains that you get.

It goes without saying that you should always first check with your doctor about the advice as well as any possible diagnosis that might be needed if it is not the normal cold or flu that you are fighting. It is therefore strongly advised that after two days rest you should definitely see your doctor if you are not feeling a whole lot better.

The last point that needs to be remembered is that if you do decide to exercise when you are feeling sick then you need to take it easy when you work out. High intensity is not a good idea if you are not feeling strong and able and you should rather just go through the movements which will avoid any possible injury.

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