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Brooks Kubik Dinosaur Training

The book that Books Kubik wrote and released to the public in March 1996 which has now become an international best-seller since 1996 . It has been called the "The Bible of Strength Training" by many to athletes who also call it “The Book”, which demonstrates the respect that they have for the 211 pages found in the book.

Now many years later the impact of this book still continues to sound its horn all over the world as people see the enormous value that there is in this book. Dinosaur Training has helped tens of thousands of trainees from around the world achieve to achieve their dreams of super-strength or world-class power as well as massive muscular development, and outstanding physical condition.

From the sport of Powerlifting and Bench press contests to Power sport contests and Olympic weightlifting the kind of sportsman that this book has made a difference to also include competitors in the Highland Games competition, Strongman contests, Arm Wrestling and Grip strength challenges.

But Dinosaur Training has done a lot more than that, Dinosaur Training has been used by top strength coaches at major colleges and universities, including the NFL strength coaches. One head coach for an NFL team was so impressed with the book and with its success-oriented philosophy that he made it mandatory reading for every single player on the entire team.

It is a simple, easy to follow type of training that only requires a flat bench and a squat rack with a barbell. But he also indicates that if these two pieces of equipment are not available that you can make a plan and he explains how and what needs to be done.

When you start training with the Dinosaur Training method you will soon see the advantages of investing in Dumbbells, Kettlebells or even Grip training tools and Thick bars or Sandbags, Barrels and Tires or any other heavy awkward objects. Dinosaur Training is not for the feint-hearted as it is super tough to follow it set for set or rep for rep and takes some getting used to. It’s focused on real world strength training and will show you exactly what you need to do to become more powerful and build more functional muscle.

It does this by first strengthening your tendons and ligaments using a thick bar training with heavy weights or doing power rack work and heavy grip work. But it also includes sandbag and barrel lifting and shows you how to reap the rewards from effort, dedication, perseverance, concentration, determination and a general mental toughness.

If you are looking for something extra or something that can help you find that inner self where you know exactly what your limitations are and then try to change them then this book is for you. You need to take it seriously to see the benefit of this kind of training.

Note: Brooks Kubik’s workouts are based on High Intensity Training for more information see The Colorado Experiment Workout

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