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Guide to Bodybuilding Competition

There are bodybuilding contests being held all the time even though the professional championships are always towards the end of the year. If you have ever been to a bodybuilding contest then you will be very aware of the passion and effort that goes into this rather crazy sport.

At any bodybuilding contest held anywhere in the world they all follow a very similar and standard format. It usually starts with a day of pre-judging which in some very large competitions can easily last for two days. There are stories of pre-judging even lasting three days as so many competitors entered.

The pre-judging is when the judges first get to take a look at you and they will line you up in a relaxed stance so that they can select the top few athletes that they need to concentrate on in making the top three positions. The judges are free to ask you to stand next to any or all of the competitors.

They usually go through the different compulsory poses which are: Most muscular, side chest, side triceps, back double biceps, front double biceps, Lat spread front and back as well as abs and one leg. Judges can call for variations on this if they want to see different comparisons.

During the pre-judging you will not be asked to perform your individual posing routine that you have put together. Most of the points allocated to you will be decided by the pre-judging and only last few points on the night of the show. Usually the top five positions have already been decided by most judges after the pre-judging has been completed.

It is only on the evening of the bodybuilding contest that your final chance to make a difference between your placing and or points can be made. On the evening of the contest you will be given one minute or even 90 seconds depending on the organization that you belong to.

These 60 or 90 seconds is something that you would have prepared for as it is a presentation done to music where you will be presenting your best. After that is done the judges will call you out and you will be asked to do some ‘free posing’ which is where you try to impress the crowd by showing them that you deserve to win.

The judges will then call out the third place winner and ask the other competitors to leave the stage and thank you for competing. The format and the calling of the top three competitors will change from one competition to another but usually they call the second place winner and lastly the final winner of that specific division.

After all the various division winners have been selected they will all be called on stage in order to select an overall winner of the competition. That is when the judges now use a scoring system that is not like what they used in the pre-judging and a final overall winner of the competition is selected.

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