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Ecdysterone Anabolic Supplement

ecdysterone supplement

Ecdy-bolin is a Russian product that people are raving about as it is now available all over the world. It is Ecdysterone and the technical name is 20-hydroxyecdysone. It is found in the herb Rhaponticum/Leuzeae and also found in Cyanotis vaga, which is found naturally occurring in herbs so is completely natural and is called a phytochemical.

It works with protein synthesis and some studies that have been done in the Soviet Union around 1988 have now shown that ecdysterone can help to "increase protein synthesis and subsequently promote positive nitrogen balance."

This increases the ability to build muscle by adding more nitrogen to your body to enable a faster rate with which your precious protein synthesis occurs. It does this by ecdysterone decreasing the urea content in the body, which is also helped with the increase in hemoglobin levels done by a slow increase of a process known as erythropoiesis. Erythropoiesis leads to the development and ultimately the birth of what will be well-developed and mature red blood cells.

This all leads to a stimulation of a rather complicated anabolic process in the protein metabolism. It is this process which will result in achieving positive nitrogen balance within your cells. It is this combination that improves the general self-sustainability of the muscle in general.

This all comes from a now well quoted study that was originally brought to the west by a famous study called the Simakin study which was done so that the researches could determine exactly what effect ecdysterone will have on muscle tissue mass as well as fat mass, and testing for any hormonal changes seen in the subjects.

By the tenth day the trained athletes all showed an increase in the amount of muscle gained during the study. Those athletes in the study that took protein with ecdysterone showed an increase in muscle growth of 6 to 7% and a 10% fat loss.

Another study that was done on Ecdysterone where 117 highly professional trained speed skaters aged between 18 and 28 that were measured for their work capacity, their body weight and lung capacity as well as VO2 max. All the 117 athletes showed an increase in their maximum O2 pulse rate plus it shown that there was overall exhalation of CO2 which increased.

The bottom line is that by using Ecdysterone the 117 athletes were able to speed up recovery time while maximizing their performance and creating the optimal conditions for anabolic growth plus creating the environment for the maximum amount of fat reduction.

There have been quite a few studies done specifically on Ecdysterone using a placebo in the study. All the recorded studies showed that compared to the volunteers the affect of placebo all the athletes in the group experienced an increase in stamina, endurance and energy.

Isn't it time you found out what this safe and legal, natural anabolic supplement can do for you? Try Ecdy-Bolin the best Ecdysterone supplement available anywhere!

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