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Free Bodybuilding Tips for Men and Women

The bodybuilding tips that you get from people who have been pumping iron for a good many years can save you a lot of time in avoiding the trial and error phase that we all need to go through. In order to find out what works best for your muscle gaining objectives trying a few bodybuilding tips could help a lot.

Simple stuff like training with bare feet so that you can strengthen your grip on the floor and reduce the leverage on a deadlift is just one example of some good advice, but there are countless more. Some will work for you and some will not however it is strongly recommended that you look through a few of them.

There are a few bodybuilding tips that stand out from the rest and we will try and highlight the good ones here so you can see what it means to think about a new tip and apply it to your training. The first is to squeeze your glutes at all times during a set, especially on lifts like the bench press and overhead press. It stabilizes your entire torso.

The next is something that you may not of tried before but has worked for many years on helping countless bodybuilders add huge amounts of muscle and it is the 25 rep method. If the total number of reps you perform for an exercise adds up to 25, you're more likely to maximize muscle and strength gains. Just keep the reps relatively low and the sets moderate. Configurations like 5x5, 6x4, and 8x3 work well.

Another good tip is the Go Heavy, Then Light method of training which obviously assumes that you have warmed up correctly. Train with heavy loads one month, using sets of four to six reps. The next month, go lighter and stay in the 10-12 rep range. The heavy training allows your body to make even faster gains during the lighter weeks.

The last two bodybuilding tips are just some random tips that will help your gains in muscle. For example if your sticking point on the bench press is at the bottom of the lift when the bar is on your chest, work on dumbbell bench presses with your palms facing each other.

This positioning also forces you to tuck your elbows close to your sides when you lower the weights, which will become a habit when you press with a barbell. Benching with elbows tucked makes for a safer, stronger lift. The last tip is all to do with the warm-up that we have to do.

Here's a great bait-and-switch trick for the nervous system. Work up in weight as normal on a lift to warm up, but make your last warm-up set a few pounds heavier than the load you plan to use for your first work set. Just make sure you perform fewer reps in the warm-up set than in the work set.

So, if you want to squat 315 for five, you might work up to 320 or 325 in your last warm-up set for two reps—it shouldn't be very difficult or tiring. Rest, then back off to 315 and go for five reps as planned. The set should feel easier than it would've otherwise, and you might try to go heavier next week.

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